WAHCKon[2] Perth 2015

Perth's First Hacker Con
2nd & 3rd of May 2015
Empyrean Function Centre
12 Lake street Northbridge, WA 6003

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KEYNOTE: Gary Hale

Origin: Perth

Talk: Cybersecurity - A Key Ingredient to Australia's Economic Growth

Bio: Gary Hale is the director of the Cybersecurity and Speciality Projects Security and Trust Organisation (STO), Cisco


William "AmmonRa" Turner

Origin: Melbourne

Talk: How to hack your way out of home detention

Bio: A fucking menace


Dr. Pedram (@pi3ch) Hayati

Origin: Sydney

Talk: So you think all those attacks are originated from China? Let's go through a journey of an in-depth investigation of attacks by using custom honeypots

Bio: Pedram is founding Director at Security Dimension with over a decade of industry and academic experiences in technical security space. Pedram received his PhD in Computer Science, has a number of international publications, and presented at well-known industry and academic conferences. Moreover, his research studies on botnets and Cloud security have been featured in international media. In 2013, Pedram founded SecTalks (https://www.sectalks.org), a non-profit monthly technical (in)security talks and hands-on challenges. Since then, SecTalks is being held in Perth and Sydney by a community of fantastic and passionate local volunteers.



Origin: South-West WA

Talk: Probe-lematic PEDs

Bio: Doles started off hacking gaming forums and now runs a very small infosec consultancy. He is interested in all areas of security and spends most of his time talking about it to anyone who will listen.


Michael Gianarakis

Origin: Brisvegas

Talk: iOS Runtime Hacking Crash Course

Bio: Michael Gianarakis is a Managing Consultant in Trustwave's SpiderLabs team where he manages the delivery of technical security services in the APAC region. Michael has been working in the security industry for the better part of a decade, previously holding positions at Securus Global, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Specialising in application security, his work has assisted developers and organisations across most industry sectors secure their applications and platforms. Michael has presented at numerous industry events and meetups including YOW!, OWASP, CrikeyCon and Ruxmon in Australia.


Scotty Brown

Origin: Brisvegas

Talk: Response kids are cool too!

Bio: Scotty is a Senior Tech with CERT Australia, based in the Brisbane office. Spends his days helping uncover and attempting to fix busted bits on the internet.



Origin: Hamiltr0n, NZ


Bio: Currently living in Wellington NZ, skilled in the art of annoying people on IRC as not much else, ss23 is pretty much a boring developer, who just happens to like the idea of being a badass cyborg.


Dr. Silvio Cesare

Origin: Canberra

Talk: Breaking the security of physical devices

Bio: Dr Silvio Cesare received the Ph.D in 2013 from Deakin University. His research interests include malware detection, software similarity, and physical security of electronic and radio devices. He is the Director of Anti-Malware Engineering at Qualys where he is commercializing the concepts from his Ph.D. on malware detection. He is also author of the book Software Similarity and Classification, published by Springer. He has worked in industry within Australia, France and the United States. This work includes time as the scanner architect of Qualys - now the world's largest vulnerability assessment company. In addition to his Ph.D., he has a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Master of Informatics by research from CQUniversity. He is currently studying part-time in a Master of Engineering (Digital Systems and Telecommunications) at the ANU. He is a member of the IEEE, hosts the popular panel discussion at Ruxcon, is an organiser of Ruxmon Canberra, and lives in Canberra, Australia.


Maxim Chernyshev

Origin: Perth

Talk: Tainted BeEF or Treating Mad Cow Disease With Websocket (In)Security

Bio: Maxim Chernyshev is a cyber security enthusiast from Perth (WA )and is currently pususing postgraduate research studies on wireless tracking of smartphones and other devices.


Julian Berton

Origin: Melbourne

Talk: Bypassing Android Binary Protections

Bio: With a background in software development, Julian spent several years working on web development projects some of which have had security as their main goal. He has since pursued his passion for information security where he is now employed as a security consultant. Julian is a chapter lead of the OWASP Melbourne chapter where he volunteers his time to organise presentations and run practical security workshops. He also regularly gives application security related presentations aimed to education developers and the wider security community. A few recent presentations have been at ASIA, OWASP Melbourne and Node.js meetups.


Dave Taylor

Origin: Perth

Talk: A foray into hardware hackery: Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks

Bio: A breaker, not a builder. I <3 shells.


Hugh Davenport (aquaman)

Origin: NZ

Talk: Improving your haxor skills "legally", while doing the right thing

Bio: Hugh is a software developer and security consultant in Wellington. He is a graduate of a Masters of Engineering from Victoria University of Wellington. He has spoken at many conferences and local user groups in Australasia.


Christian Frichot

Origin: Perth

Talk: Cloutron - The Hipster way to monitor your cloud

Bio: I'm a tall man with curly hair


Robin Lennox

Origin: Wellington, NZ

Talk: What happens to old Cloud accounts and data?

Bio: My name is Robin Lennox, I work as a Senior Security Consultant at Datacom in Wellington. My current role as a Security Consultant is built on over 10 years experience of testing, securing, administering and developing IT systems. During this time I have been responsible for security reviews and testing of servers, network infrastructure and web applications.


Emmanuel Law

Origin: NZ

Talk: Chronicles of same origin policy bypass

Bio: Senior security consultant @ Aura Information Security (NZ) by day, he spends his nights fuzzing and exploiting stuff for fun and profit


Shubham Shah (shubs)

Origin: Sydney, Australia

Talk: Find all the bugs: win all the bounties

Bio: Shubs is a security analyst at Bishop Fox, ex bug bounty hunter and motivated breaker of big things. He has an acute interest in web application and mobile security. He can also cook pretty good butter chicken.


Walter Green

Origin: Perth, Australia

Talk: Why the Telecom threats to National Security in 1983 are still relevant today

Bio: Walter is a computer Engineer with experience in the development of telecom networks and IT systems.

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