WAHCKon[2] Perth 2015

Perth's First Hacker Con
2nd & 3rd of May 2015
Empyrean Function Centre
12 Lake street Northbridge, WA 6003

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or if you can't afford a ticket see our call for charity

So, here's the thing. Cryptography isn't a thing. Based on all of the hacks, vulns, exploits and general human stoopidity, all your crypto is belong to us. Think about it. You're a super leet, maths guru type person, you go to a bunch of trouble to invent a decent algorithm, and some muppet comes along and slaps a really lame implementation around it, and before you know it - WEP happened. Not a day goes by that the medias don't work themselves up into a frenzy about some exploit of a who gives a s vital system, when they clearly have no fricken clue, and... oh wait, sorry - that's OT, my bad. Anyway, so crypto isn't a thing, everything is broken, and we have been told by a reliable source that the overhead for encrypting data at rest is too costly to even consider in these days of server farms and low compute costs... Oh wait. NM. Although, another expert tells me that token stealing is totally not possible if you are using SSL. Are you starting to get the picture? So, this is all leading up to something; something that can only be defeated with fire! Oh wait, that's the other thing. So, it's leading to some kind of cryptopocalypse where stuff has to change or the thing with the fire will happen. But we have a plan... If we can assemble a crack team, sent to a military prison for a crime they didn't commit, and if you can find them... NM. Apparently that's been done before. So what we do need is the four Hackzmen of the cryptopocalypse! Brute, Overflow, Socialed and Shoe. (They are avatars of course - you will be the RPGer). Remember, there can be only ONE! Dammit! FOUR - there can be only FOUR, so submit a talk or something and we will consider your worthiness. Those considered worthy shall be the shield of this mighty charge. Those not considered worthy... well there is the thing with the fire, and even worse, the other thing with the barbed wire. So what are you waiting for? Quickly, there's no time! Hashes are being busted with every passing nanosecond!!! Submit your CFP now! Or don't. Whatever. #yolo

Submit your CFP today. Service guarantees citizenship.

We are looking for submissions on the topics of:

  • Crypto Done Wrong
  • 1337 0days
  • Legal Issues
  • Digital Forensics
  • Physical Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Web Security
  • Software Development
  • Hax Tools
  • Overuse of the Word Cyber
  • Cyber Lulz
  • Lockpicking (specifically anything related to disc detainers...)
  • Network Security
  • Electronics Thingies
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Wireless Security
  • All kinds of RF hackery
  • Stunt Hacking
  • Interesting Things

Please submit your CFP to cfp@wahckon.org.au. The closing date for the CFP is the 22nd of February 2015.

Include the following information in your CFP:

Title of Talk:
Your Name/Handle:
Summary of topic:
Some dot points of what will be in your presentation:
Country/City of origin:
A short description of yourself:
Length of talk:

PS. Did we mention the four hackzmen ride trojan horses? Lelelel

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