WAHCKon[1] Perth 2014

Perth's First Hacker Con
3rd & 4th of May 2014

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From: Director K Johnstone 
To: All Agents 
Subject: hacker activity

//After the recent issues with Assange and Snowden, we have bought more
capacity from Amazon, and stepped up our keyword searches. In addition to
finding the location of more ponies (and something called a "brony"), we
have also learnt that there is some kind of security conference to take
place in some colonial backwater called "Perth". They claim that it is to be
a peaceful gathering of some kind in the sand and the sun, and that it is
simply about gathering and exchanging knowledge about "how stuff works". Ha!
We know these commo bogans are up to no good and aiming to overthrow our way
of life. We will control how this country runs! We set the price of gas,
beer and sushi. Hell, we even decide who gets to think they run the country!
You really think the prime minister won the election? He got seven votes! We
could have had this adorable cat win the election if we had wanted it to!
(This was considered, but the cuteness of the cat might threaten our
stranglehold on Australia).

So, our plan to counter this is to call on you all to go along to "present"
at this "conference". For those of you who wish to remain employed here, you
are required to submit a proposal to the address provided in this memo.

Our intelligence indicates that the organisers of WAHCKon[1] are targetting
talks in the following areas, but anything they consider "hackertastic" will
be considered.

- Lockpicking 
- Legal Issues 
- Digital Forensics 
- Physical Security 
- Vehicle Security (CAN, OBD2, LIN, etc...) 
- Web Security 
- Software Development 
- Hax Tools 
- Lulz 
- Network Security 
- Electronics Thingies 
- Reverse Engineering
- Wireless Security 
- All kinds of RF hackery 
- Activism and Related Areas 
- 1337 0days

They are requesting the following information from their so called "speakers":

Title of Talk: 
Your Name/Handle: 
Short Summary of topic: 
Country/City of origin: 
Length of talk:

and they are accepting this information in the form of electronic mail to the
address cfp@wahckon.org.au.
The closing date for the CFP is the 22nd of March 2014.

Lastly, there have been some protocol breaches recently. A reminder that
failure to comply with SCD98247 and 43872 will result in immediate relocation
to the red center.

Due to recent budget cuts we can no longer afford self destruct devices, so
please hit your screen with a house brick until it is no longer functional.

//message ends


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