WAHCKon['3"} Perth 2016

Perth's First Hacker Con
30th of April and & 1st of May 2016

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Dr Silvio Cesare

Origin: Canberra

Talk: Adventures in glitching PIC microcontrollers to defeat firmware copy protection

Bio: Dr. Silvio Cesare is the Director of Anti-Malware Engineering at Qualys where he is commercialising his Ph.D. on malware detection and is an adjunct lecturer on Reverse Engineering Malware at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA/UNSW). Silvio is also author of the book Software Similarity and Classification, published by Springer. He has worked in industry within Australia, France and the United States. This work includes time as the scanner architect of Qualys - now the world's largest vulnerability assessment company. He is currently studying part-time in a Master of Engineering (Digital Systems and Telecommunications) at the ANU. He ran the Hardware Hacking Village last year at Ruxcon and the hardware hacking training at Wahckon. He is an organiser of Ruxmon, and lives in Canberra, Australia.



Origin: SydKnee

Talk: Your ******** REDACTED ********* is a bit buggy

Bio: Faz is an independent information security consultant who specialises in application and infrastructure penetration testing, security architecture, and incident response. Edward regularly spends his spare time tinkering in an array of technical security fields such as Product security testing, software defined radio, and computer network reconnaissance.


Hugh Davenport

Origin: Sheepsville

Talk: Fuzzing rabbits for fun and profit

Bio: Hugh is a software developer and security consultant based in Wellington, NZ. He has an interest in bounties, fuzzing and training.


Raymond "Sunshine" Schippers

Origin: Butler (AKA, the far FAR FAR north)

Talk: How do you catch a badger

Bio: Raymond is part of the Check Point Incident Response Team. He's been interested in the defensive side of IT Security since high school and likes to make defending look sexy. He's had a variety of roles including sys admin, IT Security, architect and now IR work.


The Dogg of the West

Origin: Perthistan

Talk: Impossibilities of Privacy

Bio: Aaron has been working in the governance and risk side of info sec for almost 15 years and is currently a Principal at Hivint. At Hivint, Aaron runs the WA office and provides advisory services to government and industry. People security, privacy and things outside of pure tech are areas of interest to him. Hence this kind of research, and this kind of talk.


Val (@vbakaitis)

Origin: Wellington, NZ

Talk: Adventures in USB land

Bio: Valentinas (Val) Bakaitis is a software developer turned security consultant. Valentinas has 10 years of experience in IT industry, with last two years working as a security consultant. His interests include IT security, physical security and hardware hacking.


Dr Walter Green

Origin: Perth

Talk: How Vulnerable are Internet and Telecom Networks

Bio: Dr Walter Green has degrees in Telecom, Computer and Software Engineering and has undertaken a number of risk assessments of telecom [ including broadband] networks. The purpose of the talk is to help more people to understand the threats that exist today


Andrew Jeffree

Origin: Perth

Talk: PHP Malware: Detection and Cleanup

Bio: Andrew is a Systems Administrator for HostAway based in Perth and spends a significant portion of his working week dealing with PHP malware infections on customer websites.




Talk: EFF "Secure" IM Scorecard Review

Bio: Matt &&|| Dan work at elttam security, where they each have their specialities, delivering high quality services to their clients locally and abroad.



Origin: Melbourne, 'Straya mate.

Talk: Naval-gazing with Docker

Bio: I'm totally going to break the 4th wall here, and say that I'm far too biased to answer this. I asked @justinsteven to write this for me, but instead he just got drunk on whiskey, and conveniently ""forgot"" his credit card PIN when it was his turn to pay the tab. You still owe me a scotch Justin. InfoSec, Bitcoin & VC geek. Security beard @ ThoughtWorks.


Nathalie Collins

Origin: Perth Australia

Talk: Reclaiming "Hacking" as an Infinite Game

Bio: Nathalie Collins is a marketing practitioner and researcher. Every day she tries to save the marketing profession from itself in the small ways she can. Her focus is on authentic and ethical marketing, as well as consumer subcultures and religious devotion to products. She has qualifications in Philosophy, Graphic Design, Information Management and Marketing. She has worked in industries as disparate as adult entertainment, education, hospitality and mining. On her best day, Nathalie is a marketing hacker. On her worst she is just really enthusiastically stubborn.



Origin: Brisvegas

Talk: Why you shouldn't use SSL

Bio: Wasabi is a Security Consultant with UXC Saltbush specialising in penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. He completed a Masters of IT (Security) at QUT where he conducted a major research project involving an Internet-wide survey on the randomness of Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral keys. He is a Yank by birth, Aussie by choice.



Origin: sheepsville

Talk: lol random php

Bio: I annoy people on the IRC. Sometimes, I even annoy people with the PHP.



Origin: Melbourne

Talk: Data Combat - Warfare in the Age of Big Data

Bio: Craig is the Chief Apiarist at Hivint. He has over 12 years of experience in the security industry, working in the finance, defence, telecommunications, national security and technology sectors. An alumni of the SIFT and Stratsec organisations, he was previously the Head of Cyber Security for the Asia Pacific region at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Craig is a self-professed 'security geek' with a background in penetration testing, system hardening and network architecture. Craig once came in a commendable 4th in the egg-and-spoon race at a junior athletics carnival.



Origin: sheepsville

Talk: Aftermarket Vehicle Trackers & Immobilizers: Redux

Bio: Hailing from New Zealand, skooch has been tinkering, or rather breaking, his way into things since he could reach the keyboard. Having been active in the security community for many years, and recently speaking at Kiwicon 9, he has taken up a position as a Security Consultant with ZX Security. Currently he can be found playing video games or hacking away furiously at his computer at 3am in the morning, wishing he was better at reverse engineering.


Jack Carruthers

Origin: Station 0x3036

Talk: A not so SmartRider: The law, and did I just break it?

Bio: Jack is a second year Computer Science student at Murdoch University and is the president of Hack The Planet(Murdoch University's Computer Hacker Club). He spends a significant amount of time in the game console hacking scene. Occasionally lending a hand writing tool chains for homebrew SDKs.



Origin: australia

Talk: The matryoshka doll of fuckery

Bio: Chris, that one guy that has deployed with the army a couple of times and is now in charge of a computer forensic lab.



Origin: Perth

Talk: From pcaps to Report in 5 days: Traffic Analysis Sucks

Bio: Jack is a postgrad computer security student from Perth, currently completing his Honours degree. He also works part-time at his institution, which on occasion gives him an opportunity to gain a new learning experience. And test his sanity.



Origin: brisvegas

Talk: Reverse Engineering Swift Apps

Bio: Michael Gianarakis is a Managing Consultant in Trustwave's SpiderLabs team where he manages the delivery of technical security services in the APAC region. Michael has presented at various industry events and meetups in the region including, Black Hat Asia, CrikeyCon and prestigious events like WAHCKon, Perth's elite, underground hacker conference.



Origin: BusselTr0n

Talk: Car Hole Hacking

Bio: Doles hails from slightly further south than Perth (!) A Security Consultant at KZN Group, he spends a lot of time trying to find a security discipline to focus on.


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