We are pleased to announce WAHCKon Mini will be taking place on 20/04/2021 at 6:57PM AWST

The event will be online, streaming, and available for free

Streaming links are below:

Talk Tile Speaker Description Time (AWST / UTC+8)
Introduction WAHCKon Pals - 18:57
Adversary simulation in modern environments Nadeem Salim We are seeing a shift in companies moving to a BeyondCorp model with MacOS and Chromebook endpoints using cloud services to run their operations. Adversary simulations have traditionally focused on Windows Active Directory privilege escalation and exploitation to act on objectives. This talk will discuss how attacks to modern environments translate to the older attack paradigm and how attackers are adapting to this shift. The talk will also provide practical guidance on improving detection capabilities and responding to intrusions. 19:10
USB Type-C Rules! - USB Type-C sucks. 19:43
Cobra Effect for Sales Weasels Trent "Ever wondered why sales seem to make such bizarre choices all the time? If you thought "it's probably some dumb money thing" you're right. I go through some of the worst perverse incentives I've seen; looking into commission plans, sales incentives and bizarre KPIs I've come across, how they are trivially gamed and the terrible outcomes that came from it all" 20:04
How to write gooder Darren Pauli "It's a fact that the best part of security is writing reports. It's your chance to flex your universe big brain at people who don't know how to computer and tell them how wrong they are. If you love doing this come to this talk and I'll tell you how you should stop doing that and instead write in a way that engages the reader. I'll give you some simple tips and probably a pdf guide that will mean people actually read your reports, emails, and romantic fan fiction ebooks. Don't let your months of toiling in the infosec salt mines be wasted on shitty writing. " 20:22
woah, whats going on with my access.logs evildaemond I recently decided to check whats going on in my access.log file, theres some weird stuff appearing there, lets look and figure out whats going on together 21:02
csto doesn't can computer, and you can too! csto CSto will walk through the process of identifying a hash type, writing a custom cracking program, modifying a hashcat kernel module, and how to get cheap GPU compute to help add more power. Did it work? Only time will tell... 21:18
mystery talk which may or may not occur Richard Thunder read the title again 21:44
Close out WAHCKon Pals - 21:57

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